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Our experts will analyze the type of move and select the correct vehicles to fit all of your belongings. The goal is to finish the whole moving process as safely and fast as possible.

Residential Moving Services

We are proud to provide the best moving services thanks to the network of professional movers that have joined our team. No need to schedule vehicle times and match them with the team that is helping you move. All of that is taken care of as soon as you schedule a moving service through our website or the Team Ball App!

Commercial Moving Services

Downtime during an office move can mean missing out on potential business! Not only that but packing office equipment is not like regular packing. We have years of experience and understand the importance of labeling, cable management, confidentiality with sensitive documents, and much more. Commercial moving is no ordinary service. You need the right team to do it right!

Unique moves

Unique vehicles

Each move is different, and therefore so should the vehicle you use. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a whole truck when you only need a fraction of the space. The team ball has broken down popular types of moves so we can get you from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.

Traditional Moves (Pick-Up Truck)

This move is perfect for moving the contents of a medium to large-sized room. Great for the “Roommate” style move!


If you need to move more than two vehicles but only have one driver available. Our pick-up can transport 2 vehicles at one time which saves you time and money.


If you need to transport merchandise this is your best option! We have coordinated and perfected our transportation logistics so that your business can move various types of merch to and from location. Things like temperature, driving style and other aspects unique to this type of delivery are considered.

Best Residential Moving Services

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