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at Team Ball is to create a network of professionals and easily connect them with the people who need them most. With our Payment Gateway, our clients will have different payment methods, thus facilitating their purchase. We also want to help our business partners to grow by providing them with a larger audience than foot-traffic would normally provide.

Why invest

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The Ball is a technological, evolutionary and disruptive tool that adapts to the transport needs of each region. Our platform will be the ideal option for services for home or business that can be used in multiple countries immediately. Each user or business will have access to a driver or shared service provider.

Sector Strategies


We want to revolutionize the private transport sector, that is why The Team Ball has a technology that will allow our clients to choose their favorite drivers and continue using the service with them, allowing them to create stronger business relationships


Today's world leaves us less time to carry out certain activities, which is why we have an innovative app that will provide solutions to both our partners and our customers.


We want to provide our clients with multiple solutions for their home or business quickly and easily. Our allies will grow their target audience and the more our community grows, the better experience we will provide to our users.


The world is on a path to “digital-moving”. Our mobile application will allow our clients to book a move quickly and easily with just a few clicks all within the app.


With our technology our commercial clients will be able to transport their goods and make their company's logistics much faster and safer. In addition, in order to serve and benefit more customers with our service, in the next 3 years we will increase our number of trucks available to increase coverage.

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